Auckland INternational gallery

AI Gallery is located in Auckland – the largest city in New Zealand. We strive to introduce to the world New Zealand’s diverse and multi-ethnic artists, including New Zealand Pākehā artists, Māori artists, Chinese artists, and Pasifika artists.

We are also committed to international art exchange activities and regularly invite Asian artists to visit New Zealand for exchange, art creation and exhibitions.

We are also preparing to launch art rentals, art finance, art tours, art training and more.

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The Team

Joshua Zong

Co-Founder & Chairman
Co-Founder and chairman of Ai International Art Gallery, he has long been committed to promoting investment, trade, art and international cultural exchange activities between New Zealand and China.

Lynne Zhao

Co-Founder & Executive CEO
Co-founder and Executive CEO of Ai international art gallery. Curator of New Zealand-China large-scale art exhibitions and art exchange activities. General Representative of Sichuan Chengdu Nongyuan International Art Expo Park in New Zealand.

Edward Peng

Chief Marketing officer
Carry out market expansion work for the gallery in New Zealand and China


Graphic Designer
A skilled graphic designer and curator, merging artistic vision and curation expertise to create captivating experiences.