Jie Xu

XU Jie graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Inner Mongolia University in 1989. He is currently the Chairman of the New Zealand Chinese Artists Association, Vice President of the New Zealand Chinese Cultural Arts Institute and Vice President of the New Zealand Chinese Painting Institute.

In 1995, he participated in the painting of the large dome mural “Happy Naadam” at Hohhot Railway Station in Inner Mongolia. In 2010, he held a solo art exhibition at the Bruce Mason Art Centre in New Zealand.

In 2013, he organised an exhibition of calligraphy and painting by the New Zealand Chinese Artists’ Association and the New Zealand Chinese Calligraphers’ Association at the Parliament Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand, and in 2015, his work “Years” was selected for the Global Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition. 2019, “A Home Far Away” was selected for the National Art Exhibition of the People’s Republic of China. Xu Jie’s artworks are very popular among collectors in New Zealand, and he is actively involved in charity work, and participating in many charity auctions, assisting various associations to display and frame paintings and calligraphy for Sino-New Zealand art exchange, and actively participating in popular education in painting and calligraphy, making due contribution to the spread of Chinese culture overseas.