James Jimmy Kouratoras

Jimmy James Kouratoras is a renowned contemporary visual artist from Aotearoa, New Zealand. With a rich background in the film industry as a scenic artist spanning over 25 years, Jimmy James has cultivated a unique storytelling palette in his art. His works reflect a profound Indigenous connection and the wisdom inherited from his ancestors. Drawing upon his cultural heritage, Jimmy James incorporates the spiritual facets of his work, influenced by the pantheon of gods in his Indigenous tradition. His paintings serve as a conduit for shared social consciousness, evoking a sense of spirituality that permeates through each piece. Jimmy James embraces living Indigenous methodologies and practices in his artistic process. From karakia (prayer) to rongoa (medicine) and carving, he integrates these traditional resources to create contemporary artworks that engage with current socio- political concerns. By employing the colloquial form and texture of Indigenous architecture, as well as incorporating creation stories and ritual, his works spark conversations and invite dialogue about our shared values and pressing societal issues.